Sunday, March 28, 2010

Comics for Traffic Awareness

The 3 Days workshop was over on time, Every participant was ready with a comics for traffic problems.

now where to go? Lagankhel Bus Park, one of the busiest bus park in the valley. Participants were running across the streets to catch passengers and drivers.,
The Bus park was so crowded that we cannot follow every comics..tempo drivers, micro drivers, students, local shopkeepers..all eyes were focussed at comics.

Posters were glued to the walls, but were louder than voice.
PArticipants were excited to get overwhelming comments and appreciations.
Traffic Police apreciated the initiative for a common goal.

Laxmi Chhetri, a student of GYBHSS at 11th standard reacted as: " I was excited to participate in this comics workshop wishing i could learn something interesting,... it was more...
i was really excited to find my comics pasted at a bus park, where people crowded to comment for the story..and the comments were really good..."

We have a lot more comments to include in the report. Tika Dahal, Nirijana Bhatta and myself Rabin Niraula were surprised by the enthusiasm of the participants.

Last but not the least, Laxmi Pratisthan was thankfully appreciated for their support to make the 3 days workshop a success from every lens.

-Comics Power was demonstrated in the street, once again..for the noble aware people for traffic issues...

Rabin Raj Niraula, Tika Dahal and Nirijana Bhatta with participants.

View Album of the program CLICK HERE

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